Hi, As you would probably guess I am Jason Quinitn, and I run this one man show, but regularly collaborate with many others. I am a designer, developer, adventurer currently based out of Center City Philadelphia. I am always looking for more things to get my hands into, mainly web, identity, and community building.
Don't hesitate to reach me.

Alright folks thats all I have got..

I arrived back in to Philly in early Oct. Needless today Myself and cycle included needed a break. I took the entire trip without a working speedometer so im guessing roughly 12k miles around trip, with simple gmap estimates.

The bike held up well but does need some tlc, so for the first time i retired the bike early in the season and put it to rest at my fathers for cleaning maintenance.

Now 3 months later I am going stir crazy without out and now that i am gainfully employed again Ill get it out on the streets sooner than later.

I want to take one last chance to thank board members
Local phillians
TonyJuliano- for tire mounting, wiring “help”, route planning, and encouragement
Donniej- My svs probably would have been beyond broke well before this trip without him.
Morganb- For extend loan of camping equipment, and tools.. Ill get that back to you soon
Dougz,Ronin01r1, RSP- General cheer leading

While on the trip
Svroom13 and her extended family.. Nuff, said she provided more support and encouragement every leg of the way.. and provided a healthy shot of confidence, and a comfortable couch.

DMRemder and Thor310 for meeting up and showing me a grand old time.
Thor I will be back to party it up more.
D hit me up if your in phl again.

Ranger01, TLC4diving, tuna, boom, New, OG, harsh, and other chatters for the company on some nights. Maybe we can all meet in person when i get to take my next trip.

Even more photos at

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