Hi, As you would probably guess I am Jason Quinitn, and I run this one man show, but regularly collaborate with many others. I am a designer, developer, adventurer currently based out of Center City Philadelphia. I am always looking for more things to get my hands into, mainly web, identity, and community building.
Don't hesitate to reach me.

After camping one night at Fontana village. I know its time to make one final push for home. I pack up early, make to more runs fully loaded up the dragon, and do mostly super slab to get home. At roughly 7oo miles, this wasn’t the longest run I’ve taken in a day by a long shot, but it seemed to take the longest, I was anxious eager to retire off the bike for a bit.
Over all nothing to exciting on the route home, other than some one not securely fasting a cycle on a trailer which sent the cycle tumbling down the road.

I just plugged along listening to my ipod shuffle on the final stretch and day dreaming about all the things I need to do when i return, and relieving some good memories already.

I finally make it to my Apt at around 9pm exhausted and hungry, my roommates greeted me with a warm welcome. I am sure I was a site to see and a handful to take in cause i was rather ecstatics. At this point I know I couldn’t have had the determination, and willingness to commit such a nut job adventure with out the support of my friends and family. Also the few that called me crazy only added to the determination.

In all it has been an eye opening experience, and given quite a bit of accomplishment. However I am already scheming on other half baked adventures, and ways to finance them. That weekend we Celebrated my birthday with a good turn out of friends, and my roommates graciously printed several pix from this blog and hung them on the walls as my b-day gift. I couldn’t be a luckier person.

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  1. 09/04/2013

    Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

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