Hi, As you would probably guess I am Jason Quinitn, and I run this one man show, but regularly collaborate with many others. I am a designer, developer, adventurer currently based out of Center City Philadelphia. I am always looking for more things to get my hands into, mainly web, identity, and community building.
Don't hesitate to reach me.

Today I decided it was time to leave the coast finally. While this saddened me it was time to move on, and i was looking forward to spending quality time once again with my good friend Svroom13

My original plan was to get an early start and make a small side trip to joshua tree. upon leaving the hostel in the morning, the steward reminded everyone to take extra water that because it was going to be hot on the coast, and she also informed me i was a nutcase for heading towards the desert for the day.

Caution in the wind I took off regardless. I took secondary highways until reached the outer limits of the metro LA area. Heat was kicking up and it was going to prove to trying day.

I approach Joshua tree around noonish, and the sun is kicking and during the rest stop the desert mountain that is Joshua tree didn’t look to inviting so i decide to press on and make the best time i can for AZ. I inform Jaime, i might be a bit early, and she informs me the weather channel only registered the day as HOT in all capital letters and i should be careful.

I swelter though the sun, and press on taking very few stops.. just thinking about a cool drink a dip in the pool that ill get to do this evening.

I reach Phoenix at around 430 ish and pride myself on finding the apt almost soley from memory of my last trip earlier in the summer. I am greated by Jason, Jaime’s youngest brother. I settle in to the couch and me and Jaime talk shop and go out for dinner when she gets home from class.

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