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I’ll admit it I much rather have an Iphone. However I have been with T-mobile since they were voice stream, and my contract renup coincided with the G1 release. I have had the phone for roughly two months now and I must admit I am having mixed reviews.

Ok clearly Iphone gets it in the hardware department, though I really do enjoy having a full tactile keyboard.  The overall fit, finish, and sexiness is just not there.

Now the Android the OS is quite nice but also  has its some caveats. It is a rock solid OS that has yet to crash on me and happens to be very responsive. My bigger concern is in overall user interface. The G1 device input is quite feature rich so your actual options for input can a bit overwhelming at times. Menu, settings, preferences are handled in jumbled and can be counter intuitive to fine, or harbor settings for desired results.

Where it over takes the Iphone is in the ablity for apps to run in the background, but that also is a fault because you never know exactly what is running in the background. Nor is there logical way to leave applications vs closing them. 

What excites me the most though as now that  another player is the market and mobile browsing a common place, and everything hitting the market at relatively the same pace is hoepfuly this mark up can be standardized. Unfortunately some of my early testing proves that the g1 can handle some of the css and java based animation that the iphone can handle.  They should pay attention and follow suit and get on the same page. 

The bottom line is the mobile versions of nearly everyones site would be nice . I dont want to have to fumble around and make specialty css templates and checks for whole nother class of browsers.

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