Hi, As you would probably guess I am Jason Quinitn, and I run this one man show, but regularly collaborate with many others. I am a designer, developer, adventurer currently based out of Center City Philadelphia. I am always looking for more things to get my hands into, mainly web, identity, and community building.
Don't hesitate to reach me.

I know I just relaunched(and forever tweaking and adding) all this, and I am still getting up and running, but I want to completely change things already. So hold tight, I am redesigning livish. Also in unfortunate news because of the current economy and my unfortunate accident, I am no longer employed with Dyad Communications. I will miss the people and the environment but it should be for the best. Which means freelancing is game on again, I have a few biggish projects in the works that I’ll have more info on soon.

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Hi folks, Sorry long time no postie.  Life for me has been rather quite crazy, and I am still sorting many things out.  As many might not know after I took my xcountry cycle adventure last year, life took quite a positive upswing and then swiftly spiraled in may directions.

After 10 weeks of roaming the country side, I settled back into centercity Philly. I was back with a fire, freelance was going well and that quickly led to a full time position with the team at Dyad .

Unfortunately,  shortly after that things have gotten alittle nutty. One kidney stone and my long time passion and hobby of motorycling finally bit me in the ass with not just one accident, but two.

Unfortunately during my hospital stay of my last accident that all my web hosting expired and I lost it all.  Now I am starting the home stretch of my recovery and I coming back bigger, better, faster.  Stay in touch, or subscribe cause I am working with a hustle again.

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