Hi, As you would probably guess I am Jason Quinitn, and I run this one man show, but regularly collaborate with many others. I am a designer, developer, adventurer currently based out of Center City Philadelphia. I am always looking for more things to get my hands into, mainly web, identity, and community building.
Don't hesitate to reach me.

Alright folks thats all I have got..

I arrived back in to Philly in early Oct. Needless today Myself and cycle included needed a break. I took the entire trip without a working speedometer so im guessing roughly 12k miles around trip, with simple gmap estimates.

The bike held up well but does need some tlc, so for the first time i retired the bike early in the season and put it to rest at my fathers for cleaning maintenance.

Now 3 months later I am going stir crazy without out and now that i am gainfully employed again Ill get it out on the streets sooner than later.

I want to take one last chance to thank board members
Local phillians
TonyJuliano- for tire mounting, wiring “help”, route planning, and encouragement
Donniej- My svs probably would have been beyond broke well before this trip without him.
Morganb- For extend loan of camping equipment, and tools.. Ill get that back to you soon
Dougz,Ronin01r1, RSP- General cheer leading

While on the trip
Svroom13 and her extended family.. Nuff, said she provided more support and encouragement every leg of the way.. and provided a healthy shot of confidence, and a comfortable couch.

DMRemder and Thor310 for meeting up and showing me a grand old time.
Thor I will be back to party it up more.
D hit me up if your in phl again.

Ranger01, TLC4diving, tuna, boom, New, OG, harsh, and other chatters for the company on some nights. Maybe we can all meet in person when i get to take my next trip.

Even more photos at

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After leaving boulder that morning I was really at a split decision on what direction to take next. I mostly wanted to just make a direct shot home, but part of me also wanted to take one last detour to deals gap at the TN/ NC border, and when push came to shove i still headed south.

In the past I have made several painfully failed attempts to ride the dragon, and i felt this trip could not be complete without a short visit at last.

The commuting from this part out was not really all that enjoyable. I stopped Saint Louise Missouri and continued on.

Passing through Kansas seemed to take forever. I was riding directly into the warm sun through the freshly harvested cornfields for what felt like an eternity. Nothing really worth documenting. I was just trying to make it to the gap

One more night of rogue camping at a KAO and a stern talking to from Kansas highway patrol and i Finally arrived.

Any one else Remember that tank… SVR history lesson

Here i ham it up for the cover of Killboy

Why its called the smoky mountains

Added a little dragon to the front sticker collection for extra flare.

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After camping one night at Fontana village. I know its time to make one final push for home. I pack up early, make to more runs fully loaded up the dragon, and do mostly super slab to get home. At roughly 7oo miles, this wasn’t the longest run I’ve taken in a day by a long shot, but it seemed to take the longest, I was anxious eager to retire off the bike for a bit.
Over all nothing to exciting on the route home, other than some one not securely fasting a cycle on a trailer which sent the cycle tumbling down the road.

I just plugged along listening to my ipod shuffle on the final stretch and day dreaming about all the things I need to do when i return, and relieving some good memories already.

I finally make it to my Apt at around 9pm exhausted and hungry, my roommates greeted me with a warm welcome. I am sure I was a site to see and a handful to take in cause i was rather ecstatics. At this point I know I couldn’t have had the determination, and willingness to commit such a nut job adventure with out the support of my friends and family. Also the few that called me crazy only added to the determination.

In all it has been an eye opening experience, and given quite a bit of accomplishment. However I am already scheming on other half baked adventures, and ways to finance them. That weekend we Celebrated my birthday with a good turn out of friends, and my roommates graciously printed several pix from this blog and hung them on the walls as my b-day gift. I couldn’t be a luckier person.

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I left the grand Canyon that morning and continued on secondary highways until i passed through the four Corners

I approached Denver from the south. Reaching my friend Dave’s house by late evening. The riding getting to the Mile high city was Brisk, curvy and white knuckled as i rider around steep hills, river rapids and through countless tunnels. Drastic changes of elevation made the weather quite nippy. I made It to daves later than i anticipated, we at dinner at the thunderbird. I spent the next day riding around boulder and checking out the local sites alone.

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After spending Two weeks with Jaime, and everything deemed road worthy. Its unfortunately time for me to part ways and start the east bound trek home. To be honest after having great company, and getting house broken and relaxed for so long, and knowing i should start making my way home i was not really looking forward to leaving.

I set a moderate goal of reaching the grand canyon by early evening and checking that out, set up camp and continue east the following day.

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After spending days camping, hosteling, and coach surfing, Jaime suggests I stay several days at her apartment. It took very little persuasion to convince me of this too.

While my bike has been performing wonderfully during the trip, it was in need of some serious TLC and general maintenance regardless. Jaime being Enrolled at MMI and having a full set up garage and several bikes of her own, made for a good case to have some extended down time. We also got ambitious and had several group projects of our own scheduled.

Things started off smooth, i cant even list all the adventures we had together. Many nights of hitting the pool and gym. going off on short day trips to the surrounding areas in sued. We dinned on sushi, spring rolls, and quite a few nights also ended on the porch sampling various Wines.. I highly recommend 8 dollar Reslings, Funf and Relax. Attending an awesome Piano bar. Also One eventful tubing trip tubing down the salt river with good friends as well

I expressed that my gas mileage seemed to be erratic and dropping drastically and Jaime agreed to have her Prof have look at the bike during Suzuki trouble shooting week. One diagnosis lead to another and i ended up attending class for the week as well.

Her Prof. Joe really took the issue personal after several trouble shooting sessions having us chasing our tails, and leaving us completely stumped.

I have always been a modest shade tree mechanic and having the opportunity to learn from something other than the school of hard knox and getting a bigger hammer was refreshing. Being able to hold my own in the MMI environment, fresh of the street was a boost of confidence as well. I don’t think i would be nearly as competent about any other bike however, and i would have gotten no where with out the endless patience of Prof. Joe, Jaime, Brian, and Derek.

The problem ended up being a partially clogged throttle body position sensor, causing the bike to over compensate fuel on the rear cylinder. Who would have thought a spec of crude could cause such an imbalance. Figuring out if we solved the problem was half the fun as i would take my bike out for some serious flogging each evening to see if the kinks were resolved, so i took trips to great riding areas such as tortilla flats and Prescott.

My last Friday we did one final EGA test and my bike tested clean and a quick custom tune with a yosh box from Joe i was deemed good to go. I celebrated by buying 4 pizzas and wings for the entire class as a thank you to all.

With fresh oil, filter, chain, sprockets the bike besides tires felt like a whole new ride, and that meant my stay must come to an end. Both me and Jaime agreed that i should stay the weekend to avoid crowds at the Grand Canyon, and to get the last bit of laundry clean, and to enjoy one more dinner together.

Working on the bike at MMI. (Jaime and Brian Joe over looking)

They had this training aide bike its an SV650 with a DL1000 suspensionaffection ally nicked named the beast, (Jaime Modeling)

Suspension Detail

Tortilla Flatt Run with Jaime and Derek. We enjoyed great Prickly Cactus Ice cream at this stop.

Jaime caught this little frog.

AT this point i cannot stress the generosity of Jaime(svroom13, 01 svn) Joe the Instructor(Howie, 06 sv1ks) and Brian(wrldindstries, 03 sv1kn) were to me.

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After waking up refreshed from my stay at the beach My plan was to check into a hostel Early drop off all my gear and checkout the greater LA area. I found the hostel with ease even though its tucked way up on a hill. They were a little hesitant to let me dropped my gear off before noon, they eventually complied and I was off.

I enjoyed a nice casual walk along Venice beach board walk areas, checked out downtown Santa Monica, then took the high way to north west Hollywood and rode Sunset BLVD from near the coast to way east. Driving me down the center of Beverly Hills, Be lair, downtown and many other districts, it was a great way to get a full drive-by dicotamy of the area. I spent most of the time on the bike and didn’t take to many pictures, however.

I was also Heart set on experiencing the LA Rush hour freeway traffic. I wanted to see if it is nearly as bad as it is claimed to be. Especially with California being known for allowing motorcyclists to lane split. I am no wild man by any stretch of the means but i found navigating through the congestion a breeze. And with the other motorists full expecting one to lane split during reasonable speeds, everyone was accomidating and felt like a none threat. However i could not see myself ever attempting that commute via a cage. I would have a sever case of road rage.

I did a quick drive by the Honda R&amp grounds and debated on trying to see if they need any walk on test riders or any other use of my services, and fantasized about other possible dream jobs im sure they would be more willing to have me do. Then returned to the hostel in the late evening.

In the common Kitchen area i quickly made friends with a group of young traveling camp counselors. Konna was about 17 and hailed from south Africa and Sebastian was from Germany, They had both been camp Consolers in northern Pa for the summer and now that there term was up they to were plane hopping around the USA for a month. They offered me a dinner if id let them do a bit of Myspacing, and bargin hunting for their next place to stay.

Several other travelers then later gathered in the group TV room and shared similar life stories and Antic dotes. Truly a great time.

the hostel in San Pedro

Giant chinese bell next to the hostel

Over looking San Pedro

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Today I decided it was time to leave the coast finally. While this saddened me it was time to move on, and i was looking forward to spending quality time once again with my good friend Svroom13

My original plan was to get an early start and make a small side trip to joshua tree. upon leaving the hostel in the morning, the steward reminded everyone to take extra water that because it was going to be hot on the coast, and she also informed me i was a nutcase for heading towards the desert for the day.

Caution in the wind I took off regardless. I took secondary highways until reached the outer limits of the metro LA area. Heat was kicking up and it was going to prove to trying day.

I approach Joshua tree around noonish, and the sun is kicking and during the rest stop the desert mountain that is Joshua tree didn’t look to inviting so i decide to press on and make the best time i can for AZ. I inform Jaime, i might be a bit early, and she informs me the weather channel only registered the day as HOT in all capital letters and i should be careful.

I swelter though the sun, and press on taking very few stops.. just thinking about a cool drink a dip in the pool that ill get to do this evening.

I reach Phoenix at around 430 ish and pride myself on finding the apt almost soley from memory of my last trip earlier in the summer. I am greated by Jason, Jaime’s youngest brother. I settle in to the couch and me and Jaime talk shop and go out for dinner when she gets home from class.

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After Getting a good nights rest at my friend Thors I continue southbound towards Mexico. After talking to numerous people all saying riding through Mexico. I continued south for most of the day staying close the shore line, just soaking up the environment. I really couldn’t ask much more out of life.

I reach just south of San Diego and the advise i received about going into Mexico started to take head and i decide their is just so much more of CA that i could enjoy regardless. I back track and make my way towards LA again.

Trunks in hand i took my time stopping at which ever beaches struck my fancy, and enjoyed the sights of wild life.

I eventually find very reasonable and affordable camping near Zuma beach, and i mean literally on the beach. I set up camp, eat some tuna and enjoy another sunset.


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After My last post i spent the rest of the week catching up with my aunt uncle and my two cousins i havent seen in over six years so i dont have much scenery to report, from OR i just had a relaxing chill time.

It was also very interesting to getting to go out one night for drinks now with my cousin since we are both well into being adults now. It was a good time, and it was fun to fill in a few holes in family history and what not.

That thursday morning I left Molalla to head down towards Coos bay to visit my other remaining cousin. I spent a good chunk of the evening there but still managed to leave in time to make it to the cali boarder taking scenic 101 along the OR coast.. Great sights but i really didn’t take much time to document much because of lighting

I travel down 101 for a while till im in the heart of the Northern redwood forest. The riding so far has been phenominal and mind blowing. Northern Cali is suprisingly more remote than i anticipated, and strangely fasinating

Huge redwoods border most of the road and play a heavy role in all the twists and turns. The weather was still quite cool, and a refreshing scent of the ocean is still in the air. Getting tired I found a nice pull off to attempt to catch a few hours sleep at and i though i tucked myself and the bike far enough behind that i figured i wouldn’t get any trouble for. Just settling down a Patrol car rolls in and informs me thats not real appropriate and i best move along…

I load up quick.. (just throw my travel pillow in my bag and scoot)…I travel south bound for roughly another 2hrs or so putting it way past when anything would be open, and find a KOA with the main lodge lights already off when i pull up… I take a quick glance at the map and head towards the overflow area and tuck in near the tree line. Wake up early shower shave and move along before anyones the wiser.

At this point i thought for sure i would have picked up rt.1 by now and after eating breakfast and examining maps a little closer i realize in my haste that night i over shot the turn off by just a few miles and there is a connecting road coming up. Rt.20 (willits to fort bragg) What a fun road this was… Again i think it sets the bar awfully high for the rest of 1.. i loved it and its a great gem of a road that more people should go explore


I get to 1 and its again nothing short of breath taking. in view and riding. I find myself whipping around decreasing radious turns and up and down rock faces right along the ocean front. I have a hard time dividing my attention for both. Another thing that impressed me was the attitude of the drivers Cars see my approach and kindly pull over and flag me by. there was medium amount of traffic but there conduct made it a breeze. It as didnt really encourage me to pull over much cause riding the road was to much fun. Plus i didnt want to have to pass the same people again.

You really cant appreciate the pch from the window of a cage, you truly need to ride it to absorb this experience.
The further south i go the more residences i see and traffic gets a bit more condensed. Finally i reach san Fransisco but its extremely over cast, foggy, and crowded, so i passed over the golden gate before getting a photo op.

I continue down PCH just enjoying life and looking forward to meeting up with a college friend of mine. He lives in downtown Santa Cruz and thats where i end up staying for the next two nights just enjoying the next two nights. I really liked Santa Cruz and i really enjoyed seeing how people live in these environments. Here are a few pics from around the area and beaches

I liked this beach house

birds on a crappy rock

I was standing on a gaint coral rock, that wasnt like anything ive felt before… almost like natural Styrofoam

natural bridge

Tree just keeps hanging on

I was surprised that A) i found this sv in downtown Cruz B) i sorta liked it looks much better in person.. Anyone here?

The next morning i walked to downtown to get breakfast and see the sites, most of the stores were hippie headshops, and the streets were filled with the sounds of this drum circle

Later that evening i went out north a short bit to tight rock beach to capture the sunset.

could this be any more beach boys

my friend commandeered the camera for a few so here i am enjoying the view

How mighty Hollister of me

seaweed on the beach

For some reason this entire trip up until this point seemed very surreal. Like i was just down the street from my apt, and i could go at any time. Seeing the sun finally go down over the ocean really hit it home that i had come this far and i really dont know what the hell im doing.. but im enjoying myself.
my friend disturbing the birds

That night i took a walk down to the wharf and board walk.. nothing really to photo much but i tried to make friends with a seal. but he didnt like the flash much

I head back to my friends place and crash for the night.

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