Hi, As you would probably guess I am Jason Quinitn, and I run this one man show, but regularly collaborate with many others. I am a designer, developer, adventurer currently based out of Center City Philadelphia. I am always looking for more things to get my hands into, mainly web, identity, and community building.
Don't hesitate to reach me.



Amquip gave all full time employees Hooded sweatshirts for a holiday gift. I developed the layout and crane illustration and worked closely with a local screen printer to sources a rugged sweatshirt and printing.

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Today I decided it was time to leave the coast finally. While this saddened me it was time to move on, and i was looking forward to spending quality time once again with my good friend Svroom13

My original plan was to get an early start and make a small side trip to joshua tree. upon leaving the hostel in the morning, the steward reminded everyone to take extra water that because it was going to be hot on the coast, and she also informed me i was a nutcase for heading towards the desert for the day.

Caution in the wind I took off regardless. I took secondary highways until reached the outer limits of the metro LA area. Heat was kicking up and it was going to prove to trying day.

I approach Joshua tree around noonish, and the sun is kicking and during the rest stop the desert mountain that is Joshua tree didn’t look to inviting so i decide to press on and make the best time i can for AZ. I inform Jaime, i might be a bit early, and she informs me the weather channel only registered the day as HOT in all capital letters and i should be careful.

I swelter though the sun, and press on taking very few stops.. just thinking about a cool drink a dip in the pool that ill get to do this evening.

I reach Phoenix at around 430 ish and pride myself on finding the apt almost soley from memory of my last trip earlier in the summer. I am greated by Jason, Jaime’s youngest brother. I settle in to the couch and me and Jaime talk shop and go out for dinner when she gets home from class.

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Saturday am 8-4
I finished up coaching my last msf section at 1pm and i headed directly to tonyjuliano’s to mount up a fresh set of avon storms, relocate my rear turn signals and wire up and mount my gps. As always Tony was nothing less than a life saver.. and packed me up the perfect tiny tool kit to assist in everything the factory one might miss. I left his place around 9:30 ish i believe. and headed straight for york. Practicing with my Garmin quest 2

I spent the entire day bumming around my pop’s house and they threw me a very nice sendoff cookout. Fam and friends mingled, they all wished me luck but confirmed with each other that im a nut job.

Monday 8-6
(york Pa to Madison WI)+900ish miles.
I snoozed right through my six am alarm and awoke at 7. I quickly repacked the remainder of my belongings and threw my gear and rain gear on and i am finally off. It was light misting out so it wasnt the picture perfect start i was hoping for but it wasnt bad.

40 miles over the Ohio state line the sky opened up and i felt confident enough to peal off the rain gear and catch a quick lunch. I was back on the road within the hour and picked up my brisk pace.

Early in indiana i passed an older lady stranded with a flat tire on the left hand birm of the road. Needing a break to stretch my legs i pull over and help her swap out her right rear tire. changing it was unnerving at best because i was extremely close the very fast moving lane. I’m hoping a little good smaritan karma will help me out.

Then it was smooth sailing until i hit chicago sky way. What a sight to see, but the expressway riding reminded me allot of south philly just with more lanes. However this is where my GPS has its down falls. It cant calculate or depict my interchanges quickly or clearly enough. It started to out right down poor and no easily accessible places to pull over to toss rain gear on so i just rode it out. Second falt was completely my own. I accidentally chose milwakee over madison WI and end up and extra hour and a half from first destination.

I arrive around 930ish pm at good friends parents house (svroom13). I will be here for the next two days until I continue west to the bad lands. I didnt take many pictures the first day on the road because of the weather. But i spent all of yesterday tooling around madison and state street and played shutter bug a bit.

I learned that cheese curds are squeaky. no one knows why and they dont ask that question. Madison capital is gorgeous and Scott’s pastry shop is the bomb.

Gear and bike are holding up great but under heavy rain my gps suction cup became unstuck. No problem because i just tossed it in the top of my tank bag.

Unfortunately I can only think of two items i forgot. Razors to shave.. and my usb cable. Razors were an easy fix and ill head to a best buy shortly

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AmQuip hands out branded and Co-branded  rulers regularly to many of its clients and sites. I brought their production with a four color process front, and two color back. Also incorporated was a very useful load chart. They wanted a very patriotic them commemorating their 40th anniversary  and their mascot Shane McCrane.

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